The Milk

We pride ourselves on our small, natural, and organic process to deliver the highest quality and most flavorful dairy products. Through close relationships with dairy farmers we can source milk from farms that are free from antibiotics and where the animals graze on pastureland throughout the region.

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Animal welfare

Norwegian animal health and welfare are among the best in the world. For years Norwegians have been breeding healthy and robust animals that are well adapted to our climate and conditions. As healthy animals do not need antibiotics, Norwegian agriculture’s low usage of antibiotics is world leading.

The animals graze on pastureland throughout the region.

Norwegian farmers

There is a tradition of Norwegian farmers owning and operating their own farms. The farms usually stay within the family for generations, and it is the oldest sibling who inherits the farm. The average dairy farm has 29 cows, and every calf that is born gets its own health plan that is followed throughout its life.

Norway has small areas of fully cultivated land, while areas of rough grazing (outlying land) are substantially larger. The use of grazing in forests and mountains are an essential part of Norwegian food production. Grazing animals keep the landscape open and give the milk a distinctive taste and quality.

What makes organic milk organic?

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Our cultured butter is richer, softer, and more flavorful.

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