Rørosmeieriet is Norway’s leading organic dairy company. Our small establishment is located in the mountains of Norway, in Røros – a World Heritage Town.

We create high quality organic products, originating from rich food traditions, good raw material from the Røros region and a lot of love. Our products have won several prizes in Norway, and our butter is on the menu of Noma – a world renowned restaurant. The raw materials are carefully handled and treated gently to bring out the best in every product.

Our surroundings are filled with beautiful nature and fresh, clean mountain air. The variation in seasons create a unique environment for vegetation and wildlife. Summer is short and bright, and the winters leave the region covered in frost and snow.

You'll find us in the beautiful world heritage town of Røros

Foto: Tom Gustavsen

Visit us – opening summer 2020

Set to open at the start of the summer, we  are excited to invite visitors to our new experience centre perfect for learning about history, food culture and dairy dissemination through stimulation of all the senses.

We offer guided tours and activities such as participating in product development. We want guests to sense, feel and understand Rørosmeieriet through educational and fun experiences. You will have the opportunity to learn about the dairy and its history, taste products that may not be on the market yet, and try to make your own product.

We want to convey the entire ‘milky way’ as we call it, everything from what the cow eats to the finished product.

Booking will open this spring for weekly guided tours scheduled throughout the summer which anyone can sign up for and join. Groups may pre-book now at butikk@rorosmeieriet.no.

In our store, you can buy products from Røromeieriet, a glass bottle which can be refilled with milk, the Røros butter knife designed for us by Bjørklund and much more. And we have ice creams made on our cream and milk which we believe is the best in the world!

You will have the opportunity to learn about the dairy and its history.

Foto: Will Lee-Wright

Products: Røros Smør Butter; Røros Rømme Sour Cream; Tjukkmjølk – PDO-protected thickened, fermented milk; Milk; Skjørost – PDO-protected fresh cheese, dry curd; Røros Yoghurt; Cream and Cottage Cheese.

Address and opening hours

Rørosmeieriet as
Sollihagaen 2
7374 Røros, Norway

Reception and shop in Røros:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm

Office hours in Røros:
Monday to Friday, 8am – 3pm

Get in touch

Gunhild Sun Bellsli
Director of sales and marketing
+47 915 66 273