Røros Butter

There is a long-standing tradition in Norway for milk maids to spend summer with the cows on the “seter”/the summer farm in the mountains. One of these milk maids was Ingrid, one of the very last milk maids in the region, and the woman who inspired the recipe for our butter. She generously shared knowledge that passed down for generations with the Røros Dairy because she strongly believed in our values and ability to carry a several hundred-year tradition forward.

Ingrid Skancke gave us the inspiration for Røros Butter.

Soft flavor and texture

To make the butter, we add live cultures to the base cream, which is then cultured over a minimum of 3-4 days. When the cultured cream has reached our high-quality standards, it is slowly churned into butter in small batches. We tap out the buttermilk before the butter is washed with Norwegian spring water until it has a rich, soft flavor and texture. Our salted variety is made by gently kneading in flaky, hand harvested sea salt from the Norwegian fjords.

Our cultured butter is richer, softer, and more flavorful.

Perfect for pastries

Our butter is less compact than other types of butter. The cultured butter is richer, softer, and more flavorful compared to standard stick butter, tasting more like cheese or sour cream, but with a slight nutty, tangy, grassy and sweet flavor. Chefs and bakers prefer its higher butter fat (86%) as it has a higher smoking point, perfect for searing and sauteing, and produces lighter and flakier pastries.

We are proud to say we do not add any water, butter flavor or color. This means that Røros Butter has a lower water percentage than most butters. The composition of the fat, along with the color and flavor profile, changes naturally with the seasons and the cow’s diet.

Our salt is 100% sea salt.

The salt

We get the salt for our butter from North Sea Salt Works. The salt is made from cold, clean seawater from Northern Norway. The salt has a soft, crunchy consistency that makes it easy to crumble between your fingers. The salt is 100% sea salt with no additives or color.

We take our time when making this butter...

Nutritional facts