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Rørosmeieriet is Norway’s leading organic dairy company. Our small establishment is located in the mountains of Norway, in Røros – a World Heritage Town.

We create high quality organic products, originating from rich food traditions, good raw material from the Røros region and a lot of love. Our products have won several prizes in Norway, and our butter is on the menu of Noma – a world renowned restaurant. The raw materials are carefully handled and treated gently to bring out the best in every product.

Our surroundings are filled with beautiful nature and fresh, clean mountain air. The variation in seasons create a unique environment for vegetation and wildlife. Summer is short and bright, and the winters leave the region covered in frost and snow.

In 2021 Rørosmeieriet celebrated its 20th anniversary. The dairy was founded in 2001 by four passionate former employees of Tine after it decided to shut down the local production facility. They rallied local organic dairy farmers and started what we know as Rørosmeieriet today. Their goal was to use all available organic milk in the Røros region to produce unique dairy products. We can proudly say we are now Norway’s leading producer of organic dairy products.

The Røros Dairy tries to differentiate its product from mainstream organic by emphasizing storytelling, values and attributes such as local and pure ingredients. We make traditional products based on rich culinary traditions and handcrafted production. We share common values of being engaged, competent, trustworthy, efficient, and authentic.

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You'll find us in the beautiful world heritage town of Røros

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Røros Butter

There is a long-standing tradition in Norway for milk maids to spend summer with the cows on the “seter”/the summer farm in the mountains. One of these milk maids was Ingrid, one of the very last milk maids in the region, and the woman who inspired the recipe for our butter. She generously shared knowledge that passed down for generations with the Røros Dairy because she strongly believed in our values and ability to carry a several hundred-year tradition forward.

Our cultured butter is richer, softer, and more flavorful.

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“Where the grass grows slowly, the milk tastes extra good”.

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