Rørosmeieriet is a small, organic dairy company located on the mountain plateau of Norway on the 62th latitude in World Heritage Town of Røros.

In Norway, their products have won several prizes, and the Røros Smør butter is on the menu of Noma –world renowned restaurant. Rich dairy traditions and craft define the products from Rørosmeieriet. The raw materials are carefully handled and are treated gently to bring out the best in every product.

The dairy facility is surrounded by fresh and clean nature, and variations during the seasons is creating a unique environment for vegetation and wildlife. The summers in the region are short and light, whereas the winters leave the region covered in frost and snow.

– Røros Smør Butter
– Røros Rømme Sour Cream
– Tjukkmjølk – PDO-protected thickened, fermented milk
– Milk
– Skjørost – PDO-protected fresh cheese, dry curd
– Røros Yoghurt
– Cream
– Cottage Cheese

Please contact us for further information:
Gunhild Sun Bellsli
Director of Sales and Marketing
+47 915 66 273